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Why alternating running shoes may help prevent injury!

June 24, 2021

Finding that perfect running shoe is the best feeling, but once we find a pair we love should we just wear these until they wear out?! Research suggests not! Although we may think it’s expensive or excessive to invest in more than one pair at a time, studies have shown that rotating the model of shoe we wear when we run can actually help to prevent injuries, particular those known as ‘overuse’ injuries. 

The logic behind this is fairly simple – wearing the same style of shoes each time we run means the impact on the body will also be the same. Over time, these repetitive stresses acting on our joints and soft tissues can begin to cause damage resulting in overuse injuries. Wearing different running shoe styles helps to distribute the impact forces and reduce repetitive pressures.

Another way of preventing injuries could be to switch up your activity instead of running alone! Mixing in sessions of strength based training, flexibility (yoga, etc), and not forgetting those all important rest days, can help build a strong and resilient body!

And finally, don’t forget to make sure your runners aren’t worn out. Most will last between 700km – 900km, but this can depend on factors such as how much you weigh, the surface you run on, and your foot strike patterns, cadence, etc. If you suddenly begin to feel pain, or a loss of cushioning as your foot hits the ground, these can be signs that your shoes are ready for an update. We recommend visiting a specialist running shop who can check these and recommend your next perfect pair (or pairs!).